mihai surdeanu
mihai AT surdeanu DOT info / msurdeanu AT arizona DOT edu

University of Arizona
Gould-Simpson 745
1040 E. 4th Street
Tucson, AZ 85721

My primary appointment is with the Computer Science department at the University of Arizona. I have a courtesy appointment with Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Before Arizona, I was a research scientist in the NLP group at Stanford and chief scientist of Lex Machina. I did my PhD in computer science at Southern Methodist University.

I work on systems that process and extract meaning from natural language texts such as question answering (answering natural language questions), information extraction (converting free text into structured relations and events). I focus mostly on interpretable models, i.e., approaches where the computer can explain in human understandable terms why it made a decision.

For mode details about my work, please visit our research group's page. For more on natural language processing (NLP) work at University of Arizona, please see our NLP cluster page.